zome Building Tips

The Color and Shape of the Struts Point the Way

Each Zome System strut connects to holes of matching shapes. Blue struts fit into rectangular holes; yellow struts into triangular holes, and red struts into pentagonal holes. This makes it easy to build complex models.

Always Tighten the Connections as You Build

Make sure each stub goes all the way into the hole, with the shoulder of the strut tight to the face of each node. Keep tightening up all the parts of your model as you go. Keep your hands close together, always apply pressure along the length of the strut.

It's OK to Bend the Struts

Sometimes to fit a strut into a tight spot, you will need to bend the strut slightly between your fingers before you insert it. Make sure that nearby connections ar etight, then place the stub of one end into a hole and bend the strut until the other end pops in.

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