zome Lesson Plans

Zome System activites for primary and secondary students

These Lesson Plans include descriptions and illustrations of activites for students to learn about mathematics, art, architecture, biology, physics, and technology. The individual lesson activities listed below are available as pdf files for you to download and view or print using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Zometool Lesson Plans 1.0 contain 224 pages of activities, 64 units in all, for primary grades through advanced high school classes. These plans let the teacher direct discovery learning of concepts in math, science, art, and architecture.

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Basic Concept Plans Primary School

2-D and 3-D Shapes, 2-D Polygons, Animal Forms, Attention!...Angles, Beginning Bubbles, Cubes-I, Cubes-II, Cubes-III, Cubes-IV, Even and Odd Numbers, Geometric Shapes, Geometry is all around us, Multiple Reflection Symmetry, Perimeter Puzzles, Picasso and math, Printing Cubes and Pyramids, Printing with Zome System, Rotational Symmetry, Shape and Number, Similar Triangles, Speed Lines! Spinners, Squares and Rectangles, Squashing Shapes, The Equilateral Triangle, Tilings with Quadrilaterals, Translational Symmetry in Tilings, Triangle Tiles - I, Try the Triangles, Trying Tessellation, Volume for Beginners, What are Quadrilaterals? What is Area, What is Perimeter, What is Reflection Symmetry.

Intermediate Concept Plans Secondary School

2-D and 3-D Stars, 3-D Triangle Tiles, 3-D Triangles, Bridge Building Project, Bubbles II: Minimal Surfaces, Descriptive Writing, Euler's Formula for Polyhedra, Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section, Finding Tau, Fun Fibonacci, Kepler's Tilings, Measures of Space-I: Lengths and Areas, Measures of Space-II:Volume, Naming 2-D and 3-D Shapes, Plane Patterns, Plato's Solids-I, Plato's Solids-II, Prime Factors, Richert-Penrose Tilings, Spiral Symmetry, Symmetries in Quadrilateral Tilings, Tallest Tower in the World, The Livable City, Tilings with Multiple Symmetries, Triangle Tiles -II.

Advanced Concept Plans Secondary School

Archimedian Solids, Beehive City, Diamonds, Similarity and the Golden Section.


Glossary, Resources and Recommended Readings, Standards, Zome Kit Summary.

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Lesson Plans

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