zome Teaching with Zome

Color and shape show the way

The relationships inherent in the components of Zome System make it possible to teach many concepts. Children as young as 6 years old intuitively explore different shapes and patterns. Fixed joints allow construction of complex shapes, because the necessary angles are built into each node. Blue struts fit into rectangular holes; yellow struts into triangular holes, and red struts into pentagonal holes.

Children explore stucture and geometry as they relate to technology, fine arts, architecture and the natural sciences. Because the necessary angles are built into each node, Buckyballs, DNA, quasicrystals, viruses and other natural shapes almost build themselves. Children use Zome System to make towers, dinosaurs, helicopters, and crystal patterns.

Developing team skills

Working in groups promotes valuable team skills. By discussing the challenges of a group project, students practise communication in mathematical language, and draw deeper understanding from the observations of their team members.

No previous knowledge required

Students with a wide range of proficiency levels achieve excellent results exploring concepts with Zome System.

  • All students benefit from the active involvement; they hear the teacher's explanation, they see how the shapes relate to each other and they touch and manipulate the components.
  • By building structures students use more of their senses to understand a concept.
  • High achieving students with strong mathematical, logical and visual spatial skills make advanced connections between mathematics, technology and natural sciences.

Activities do not require specific levels of language comprehension. Students explore universal concepts accessible to everyone, regardless of cultural background. Activites may be used to promote language skills in English as a Second Language classes.

Displaying created structures

Students are very proud of the shapes and structures they create. Hanging stuctures from the ceiling of the classroom offers a visual reminder of the concepts learned. A camera can also be used to record achievements.

The components will fade and become brittle with prolonged expose to sunlight. Dirty parts can be washed in a garment bag in a washing machine. Zome System components are made of high quality ABS plastic and are very durable.

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