magnetic construction


Webz offers an alternative to the standard bar and ball connection. With the diversity of pieces, brand new exceptional figures can be built. Webz is compatible with the Magz-X series.


Skrooz offers a new approach in magnetic construction. Dozens of lengths in a single bar, manually adjust the length. Skrooz is compatible with the Magz-X series.

Magz X

The unique contours of the X allow for infinite building and imaginative designs.

Magz X 100

60 X's & 40 steel balls in a plastic reusable container, which can fit up to 300 pieces of Magz.


Create structures of amazing strength and complexity in two and three dimensions with magnetic bars and nickel plated steel balls.

Dyna Magz

Dyna Magz contains a unique element which is exclusive to the Magz family. The Cuball is a nickel plated steel ball which is covered in clear plastic with six di-cuts. This allows for sturdy cubic structures and high rises.

Super Magz

Longer bars with much more powerful magnets build sturdier structures.

Ozpod Pty Ltd supplies Super Magz to educators, children, and specialty retailers in Australia.

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