magnetic construction

Magz X

Magz X 42 piece

The unique contours of the "X" allow for infinite building and imaginative designs.

Sleek and bright in design, Magz X 42 contains 12 bars, 21 steel balls & 9 X's.

Magz X 100

Magz X 100 piece

Due to popular demand, the Magz-X 100 only comes with X's & steel balls, 60 X's & 40 steel balls . This set also contains a plastic reusable container, which can fit up to 300 pieces of Magz.

Ozpod Pty Ltd supplies Magz X series to educators, children, and specialty retailers in Australia.

For information and trade enquiries telephone (03) 9499 2161, or email info@ozpod.com

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