magnetic construction


Magz 56

This Magz set contains 36 colorful bars and 20 nickel plated steel balls. With 56 pieces you can build smaller scale structures such as pyramids, wheels, and spheres. Discover Magz’s construction abilities. Because of its magnetic properties, one can discover different structures that a regular construction toy would be unable to match.

Dyna Magz

Dyna Magz

Dyna Magz contains Cuballs to build sturdy cubic structures and high rises. Cuballs are nickel plated steel balls covered in clear plastic with six di-cuts. Dyna Magz contains 15 Cuballs, 64 bars and 20 nickel plated steel balls.

Ozpod Pty Ltd supplies Magz and Dyna Magz to educators, children, and specialty retailers in Australia.

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