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Buckminster Fullerene

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Discover the most exciting molecule known to mankind! Named after R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, "BuckyBall" is the nickname for a Carbon 60 molecule. Like the faces of a soccer ball, it has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. A great science project, BuckyBalls promise an amazing future -- superconductors, drugs, batteries, solar cells -- even super lubrication. Build your own BuckyBall using the 150 Zome pieces and step-by-step instructions included in this kit.

Parts Inventory:
The Zome BuckyBall Kit conatins 150 Zome pieces: 60 black Zome Balls and 90 short blue Struts.

To download a pdf file of building instructions, click here.

view of the finished BuckyBall model

bucky ball model

Ozpod Pty Ltd supplies Zome System to educators, children, specialty retailers, scientific institutions, and experimental users in Australia.

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Although the most famous of fullerenes, the BuckyBall has many cousins. Scientists have discovered hundreds of combinations of these interlocking pentagon/hexagon formations such as: BuckyBabies - spheroid carbon molecules containing fewer than 60 carbon atoms; FuzzyBalls - BuckyBalls with 60 hydrogen atoms attached; Giant Fullerenes - fullerenes containing hundreds of carbon atoms; Nanotubes (or BuckyTubes) - tubes of carbon created by passing an electric current between graphite rods; DopeyBalls - BuckyBalls which are doped with metal; HairyBalls - BuckyBalls that have split tubes hanging from their bodies, which could potentially be very useful in HIV research.

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