Ankerstein tower

Tower built with basic box 6


The most popular building blocks of all time

Children and adults have been inspired by the unique stone feel and finish of Anchor Stone Building Blocks for more than 120 years. The highly accurate manufacture allows the construction of large buildings. The system of basic and extension sets provides unlimited possibilities.

The multicolored stones are manufactured from purely natural materials; chalk, quartz sand, and linseed oil.

These sets were selected for the 1998 Parents' Choice Gold Award and the 1999 National Parents Gold Award.

The complete range of Ankerstein was introduced to Australia by Ozpod Pty Ltd, email bruce@ozpod.com or telephone (03) 9499 2161

Ankerstein tower

Tower built with extension box 6A and basic box 6

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Start with set 6 and then add extension sets in sequential order to progressively build larger and more complex structures.

Each box includes a set of illustrated plans to develop the skills to design your own unique structures. The plans in extension set 10A require pieces from the four sets: 6, 6A, 8A and 10A.

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